Sunday, July 03, 2011

Salon De Refuses

So, this year I actually got reminded in time to enter the Lawndale Big Show. I was not accepted, though I'm glad I got off my but and entered. I did get into the rejected art show at the M Squared gallery in the Heights. I think that it wasa great idea, and I got to meet several people.

This is the piece I entered:

This is a crayon drawing on 22 x 34 inch paper. While working on the enginehead diptychs I also created several crayon drawings which followed the paintings -- except the engines were not attached to the person's neck. While looking at different chainsaws for the painting I was struck by how much this brand reminded me of a baby bird head. In this painting I'm looking at not only a quick job, but the way in which that activity has affected the environment. No limb for the nest.

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