Monday, December 13, 2010

Walking Line - Update

Wanted to go ahead and post an update. I knew there was an elephant in there, and I found it.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Studio Night at Mother Dog

Last night was the "Raining Cats and Dogs" show at Mother Dog Studios. So, I was up there working of course, and left the mingling to the artists that were finished with stuff. Have a show to get ready for, and I'm not driving 50 miles to just sit around. And here is a picture of the inspirational wall, which was uncovered when I removed the big wooden box that was taking up this wall of the studio. The paint was just cracking and falling off. I've left it for now since it looks so cool, and I know that John will want to take many excellent photos with it.

Work in Progress - Walking line

I've decided to call these kind of pieces "walking line" after hearing Paul Klee's work being described as "... a line taking a walk." I thought that described what I was doing here. I let the line just travel around and when it's done I find the image inside, by luck. So, I never know where these pieces are going to end up. I usually do this on paper while taking notes or sitting in a meeting, and for some reason find the technique difficult to translate into charcoal and paint on board. This was the third line I tried last night, the other two didn't have anything interesting in them. Right now my focus is on figures and animals, so the egg-beaters are left out for now.

Cattle of Helios

Tried to think of a good name for this one. These lonely cows out by the road when I'm driving to work. I've been really impressed with the white-yellow grass, kinda looks like snow. But here I was trying to capture the warm sun of the afternoon on the way home. I love the way the cattle break up the plane of the field.