Thursday, August 16, 2007

Light in the Grass

Another set painting. While walking to the store I got this great shot of a street light shining down on the grass. A mixture of nature and man's creation.

Monday, August 13, 2007

P Tree

P is for pyramid. Here is a sketch of a crepe myrtle tree I saw on the street the other day. I started imagining triangles for the basic form. Here I have tried to incorporate the building in the background as well.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Big Post

Welcome back. I've re-launched this blog with a focus on my current art work. The posts below summarize the current concepts that I'm working on. I will be posting more pieces soon, please let me know what you think.


S Tree

This tree is formed using a spiral pattern. I've noticed this pattern in oak trees, where the joints tend to rotate creating a spiral.

Cubic Coffee

The cubic format applyied not only to the figure, but the scene. The views of the scene taking larger blocks and the figures building out in smaller forms.

Dem Bones

Thinking back again to art class, and maybe "How to Draw the Marvel Way", we were taught to build up figures from simpler forms. Well I've decided to explore the forms. Going back to the cubists a bit, I wanted to project the different views of the figure onto the forms. Extra forms are added to increase the number of views.

Cloud Stage

Sometimes things flatten out when I start to think about them, like stage sets. Here the cloud is reflected in the ground, continuing the flattening and simplifying.

Cloud Light

The sky is full of light and color, you just need a canvas to paint it on. I have always been fascinated with clouds, their forms and colors.

Street at Night

This sketch is the beginning of a new line of pieces where I want to explore the relationship of man-made and natural forms. By abstracting the forms, I want to highlight the interference of the forms.

H Tree

I like to think of trees and their relationship between the ground and sky. The double arc tree, also called the "H" form, expresses the tensions between the two planes, and the sweeping growth of the tree.

Y Tree

In art class they might have told you that the basic tree started with a "Y". Here is one of my take on the "Y" form.