Sunday, October 05, 2008

Finally, Back in the Studio

I made the trip up to the studio yesterday. Tried to get a lot of work done. I was up there at 9:30 and started painting. It went pretty good, but jeez the studio was quite, and I started getting sleepy. Beautiful day outside, so I went to 19th street to check out the happenings. That got me inspired again, and so I went back to finish some stuff up.

I feel like this peice is finally nearing completion. I really like looking at it. I added the buildings in yesterday. I was originally planning a smaller grouping just in the middle, but after putting the first one in, I realized the scale was all wrong. A actually used the drips to define the shapes of the buildings, which makes it look like there are some ghostly buildings in there too. I like the effect.

Here is the update on the "august sun" painting. I'm really loving this one. It's still got two more sessions on it I think, but I was able to correct the tree line. I had the color bands reversed earlier.

By the way here's a link to an earlier post of these paintings ( in progress )

Wednesday Night Life Drawing

Had another great Life Drawing session at the Art League October 1st. Here is one of the sketches that I'm going to continue to work with.

I've been wanting to work more with these pastel sketches, but of course it's difficult without fixative. I mixed up some water and acrylic matte medium in a spray bottle to use. I made this quick sketch as a test. I've already gone back in with some prisma color. The matte medium kinda worked, but it obliterated my finer shading and splashed little pastel filled drops all over the paper.

By the way, here is an update on the sketch of Cory from the last session. I used the matte medium spray on it, and then started going over it with burnt umber and burnt sienna glazes. Still not sure about this process. Oh well, live and learn.

Inspiration and no Materials

Went to "Collage 151" opening at the M2 Gallery in September. The show was a collection of collage pieces by Patrick Palmer. I was really inspired by the use of maps in some of his peices. I had the idea for some collages of my own. A series I'm calling Star Maps. Still trying to work out the media. I've was separated from my art supplies, which were in my studio in Houston. After the hurricane, it's taken a while to get back up there. Of course it was Sunday when I was working on these two mockups, so the only place to get art supplies was Walmart.

These two sketches were done after the mockups. I'm still working on it.

Hurricane Sketches

Termites on the windows. AHHHH! Well maybe ants. Anyway, didn't get a lot of drawing done durring our little evacuation into the path of Ike. No power, and trying to keep Andrew entertained. And little windup flashlights are hard to draw with.

The night after the hurricane, and the moon was nice and bright. The clouds kept running across the moon, changing it's face.

Ahhhh!!! They're rising up from there graves in the soggy soil!!! Hurricane Zombies!

Haha. Thinking about the cemetery in Galveston as the storm blew in. An idea for a horror flick, of course the problem is that all the zombies get blown around by the wind and smashed into things. Maybe it's a comedy.