Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween

Oh No! Somewhere in New Jersey!!! It's Halloween!

If I was fuzzy and scaly and kinda fat and had big teeth and glowing eyes would you still luv me? hahaha

Wednesday Night Life Drawing

Amanda did a great job modeling tonight. Here's what I got.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday Night Life Drawing

This was an all crayon sketch night. My goal was to get every pose, and find something to use in a larger crayon piece.

First image of the night. Liked the movement, might be worth a larger scale.

This one was pretty funny. ran out of time on it, the head really unfinished

This ended up being to cropped I think. And it was hard to get it dark enough (didn't want to use black on it).

I liked this one a lot. Again, ran out of time, and it's a bit to light but would work in a bigger version.

Believe it or else, this is not pencil. It's crayon. black white and gray, but crayon.

This one was very interesting because of the shadows. I'll need to set this up again. The figure looks out, the bottom shadow looks down, the top shadow looks up (good noses on shadows too)