Sunday, July 03, 2011

Finished Paintings Finally Posted

These two paintings are from the enginehead series. In this series I am approaching the emotional and intellectual forces that drive human action as an externalized motor. In these paintings I was trying to represent the character of the person through their motor as well.

Finished Boat Motor. The first large painting from the enginehead series. I designed this series to be done as diptychs. The Boat Motor and the Windmill being the first. Although I like both paintings individually, I don't believe they worked out as a diptych. I will most likely re paint these again in the future. The boat motors in this painting represent the self-destructive force of addiction. For though the motors want to be in the water, the water will eventually corrode them.

Finished Windmill. Of the enginehead series I did for school last semester, this was one of the toughest. As a windmill does not have an engine per se, I envisioned a pump for the head. As an antithesis to the Boat Motor's addiction, this painting was focused on the care of other, and transfer of one's own benefit (the wind) to the action of care.

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