Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sketches From Life Drawing

Here are my sketches from Wednesday Night Life Drawing. It was kinda cold in the studio yesterday, but I think I got some good poses. Still trying to find a way to photograph crayon well.
Here I found an umbrella for a prop. Guess what I started drawing, yep the umbrella. Of course the umbrella is the last thing I should've looked at. I turned away from it after realizing, and I think rescued the sketch.

We had some really high lights during this session. The angles on this weren't easy for some reason, prolly because I was standing holding the paper the whole time. Now the blue has edited all wierd.

I really liked this sketch, but I couldn't bring up the definition enough, so I'm not sure you can see the triangular compositions. I think this ended up being my favorite.

Our model was dressed in black, so I kept using colors and here I made it pink. Thought that was funny. Now that I look at it though, I think the proportions are off.

Didn't have enough time on this one. I thought the lines were pretty elegant. I kinda like the unfinished look (and the green lines).

This was from early on when the model was holding her coffee. Notice the excellent hat, which worked quite well with the umbrella.
This was our last Life Drawing session for the year. But, never fear next year we're keeping it going.

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