Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday Night Life Drawing

Here are the pieces from Life Drawing tonight. I was kinda surprised how much I got done, and how many people turned out. It was a great night :)

Ah, crayons.

I think this was my favorite

I wanted to do more with this, but that's a hard pose to hold.

This was actually the first drawing of the night

I love the color and movement, needs a little more work though

This is just the beginning, but it was fun to be painting

I guess this one worked, the model took it home. :)


Lacy O+ xxx-xx-4756 31/ 04051978 said...

You're gettin' pretty good at this life drawing...your practice is paying off ;)

Anonymous said...

sooooooooo....what's it take to get sketched around here???

BGOZ said...

It doesn't take much. If you want to model, just let me know :)=